Institute for Photoelectric Information Technology and Applications

Institute for Photoelectric Information Technology and Applications is mainly engaged in the teaching for both undergraduate and graduate students on photoelectric information science and engineering, and leads research in the field of optical information and application in the school. There are 3 professors (2 doctoral tutors among them), 2 associate professors, 1 senior engineer and 2 assistant lecturers. In the past decade, more than 10 national or provincial research projects have been undertaken and several research achievement prizes have been honored. About 200 scientific articles have been published in important domestic or international academic journals, and nearly half of them have been included to SCI or EI. On the basis of actively fulfilling the teaching task and scientific research, the institute actively carries out the transformation of scientific research achievements and the research of application development.

The main research areas are information optics and its applications. Main research directions include:

1. Micro-nano structure (sub-wavelength) photonics, such as photonic crystals etc. The fabrication of periodic microstructures (photonic crystal) via hologram or multiple beam interference are studied, including the theoretical analysis, design and experiment, band analysis and calculation, and wave propagation analysis.

2. The new technology research for optical imaging and detection, such as digital holography and its applications. The research includes micro-nano optical imaging and detection; holography and three-dimensional (3D) optical imaging and detection; near infrared and short wave imaging technique and spectral sensing technique and its applications in biomedicine etc.

3. Optical information security, such as optical image encryption, decryption and discrimination etc. Combining with the typical optical information processing technology, such as phase shifting interferometry, phase retrieval, Fourier transform and fractional Fourier transform, and joint transform correlation technology, this research designs and develops novel optical encryption and hiding system, and associated optical experiment and software and hardware development.

4. Optical interference measurement and detection. The large size optics devices, crystal and optical mirror can be measured by interference techniques. The 3-D shape can be measured via phase shifting interferometry and phase recovery technology.

5. Optoelectronic materials and devices, including photoelectric detector, optical properties of semiconductor material, characteristics of quantum well superlattice material, and nonlinear optics and so on; laser physics and technology, infrared materials and devices, experimental and theoretical studies of infrared detector performance, optical fiber sensor and so on..

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