The Institute of Microwave and Optical Fiber Technology

The Research Institute of Microwave and Optical Fiber Technology is one of the institutes of School of Information Science and Engineering (ISE), Shandong University. Currently, there are 8 full staffs, including 5 professors (including 2 doctoral supervisors), 2 associate professors and 1 lecture. Among of them, 3 staffs have oversea research experience for more than one year. The institute not only undertakes the teaching tasks of several courses such as electrical magnetic field, microwave and fiber technology, but also focuses mainly on the scientific research of optical fiber technology, microwave antennas, numerical simulation of characteristics of artificial EM materials, etc.

The research fields of the institute include:

1. Radio frequency technology and its applications in wireless communication systems.

With the dramatically development of radio frequency technology and its expanding applications, radio frequency circuit design has become an international hot technology. The main tasks of this research field contain the design and applications of RF filter, RF amplifier, RF oscillator, RF mixer, frequency selection surface, etc.

2. Design of microwave antenna and corresponding components.

Smart antenna technology is one the key technologies of mobile communication systems, which is also one of hot topics. It is a development tendency that antenna and other microwave components or subsystem become miniaturized with improved performance. The research direction includes the DOA estimation of smart antenna, microstrip antenna, array antenna, software simulation design of microwave components, and negative refractive index phenomenon in microwave components as well.

3. Optical fiber communication systems and optical fiber sensors.

Optical fiber communication

- DWDM online measurement system, which will be used for real time monitoring of DWDM and sustain burst mode transceiver’s testing.

- Access network and home gateway technology based on EPON, through which to realize video, audio and data access, finishing " triple play" and "Fiber to the Home" .

- DWDM Demux, EDFA gain balance and all optical 3R (reamplifier, reshaping, retiming ) based on optical fiber grating, SOA technology,etc.

optical fiber sensor technology

- design of various kinds of sensor heads, based on FBG, LPG and special fiber.

- Optical fiber sensing signal’s processing based on DSP and MCU.

- Research and development of advanced distributed fiber sensor systems.

4. Modern Computational Electromagnetics and its applications.

Thanks to the rapid advance of computer technology, Electromagnetic calculation is playing more and more important role in EM field engineering. The main research areas consist of

- establishing EM analyzing model for microwave components and optical component

- developing novel, high-efficiency and accurate EM computational algorithm, including parallel computing, multicore CPUs & GPU, high-speed graphic processing technology

- utilizing computational algorithm to simulate complicated EM problems such as large object and novel EM materials.

Instrument and equipment

The research institute possess about 160 square meters lab, which is equipped with many expensive apparatus, such as microwave network analyzer, Comprehensive sweep frequency signal source, optical spectrum analyzer, continuous adjustment laser source and OTDR.

Main projects and research achievements

1. Analysis of planar passive optical components using parallel time-domain CAD ??method. ( Key projects of Ministry of Education )

2. Network management and monitoring in high-capacity wireless access system

3. Properties of negative-refractive index material and its applications in the RF/ microwave device( Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province)

4. On-line automatic testing and management of optical fiber in DWDM system

5. The GPS positioning terminal for the optical cable line patrol checker

6. Study on the optical antenna based on the nanoscale metallic/dielectric structure(National Natural Science Foundation of China)

7. Wide-spectrum high-efficiency nano-metallic optical antenna (National Natural Science Foundation of China)

8. Multi-channel optical power test unit and light source

9. Modification of remote automatic detection terminal equipment of optical fiber

10. Automatic parallel test systems for optical fiber transceiver

11. The simulation algorithm for nanoscale metal/dielectric heterostructure light-emitting device.( Sub-project of the National 973 project)

12. The light propagation property of light-induced artificial optical structure.( Sub-project of the National 973 project)

13. Physics mechanism and key technologies of the surface plasmon polariton enhanced light emission in light-emitting diodes (Research Award Foundation for Young Scientists of Shandong)

14. Enhancing the Luminous efficiency of optoelectronic devices using nanoscale metallic/dielectric heterostructures.( Sub-project of the National 973 project)

15. Electromagnetic resistivity logging-while-drilling technology

16. Continuous Tunable optical real time delay line based on chirped fiber Bragg grating (Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province)

17. Ultra-short laser pulse stretched and compressed by using long chirped fiber Bragg gratings

Talent training

More than 10 Ph. D candidates majored in radio physics and 30 master candidates majored in EM field, physics electronics and radio physics, have graduated from this institute during the last 3 years. Currently this institute provides more than 10 courses to undergraduate and graduate students, which are College Physics, Method ofMathematical Physics, Electromagnetic Field & Electromagnetic Wave, Microwave Technology and antenna, Higher Electromagnetic Field Theory, Numerical Computation of Electromagnetic field, Optical Fiber communication system, RF Circuit Design and Application, Modern Microwave measurement Technique, Optical Fiber sensor technology.

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