Institute of Digital Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

There are ten academic staffs Biometrics Recognition, the theory and application of Independent Component the Institute of Digital Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, including one PhD adviser, three professors, three associate professors and one Senior Engineer.Nine staffs included have PhD degree and five staffs have overseas research experience. Through the establishment of the relationship on academic exchange and cooperation with many famous universities, institutes and enterprises in and out of China, the institute is trying to seek thecombination of the theory research and engineering applications. Research areas include Digital Image Processing, Image Compression, Application of DSPs, Biomedical Engineering, Image Reconstruction and Restoration, Biomedical Signal and Information Detecting and Processing.

Teaching and Training: The institute carries on about twenty courses for PhD candidates, Masters Candidates, undergraduate in the sub-disciplines of the Communication and Information System and the Signal and Information every year. The institute has two Provincial Quality Courses and has published three teaching textbooks. There are seven first-class awards achieved in National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest,Electronics and Information Practice Innovation Contest and Energy Saving Contest.

Publications and Awards: Every year there are bout ninety papers indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP in the recent three years. The institute has held three national invention patents grants. It has been honored the Scientific Advancement Prize of Shandong Province, including two second-class awards and two third-class awards. There are also ten prizes awarded by Shandong University.

Research and project: four projects from National Natural ScienceFoundation, eight projects from provincial level foundations and ten from other foundation. The institute is also taking on twelve engineering projects in the following fields including medical image processing, communication,intelligent information processing and signal detection, which have created large social and economic benefits.

Partial completed projects :Multi-function Scans Scoring System;Second-generation ID Card Identification Printing Machine;Sight Analysis System;Driver Fatigue Monitoring System.

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