Scholar from the University of Utah gave academic report in ISE

In the afternoon of April 24th, Dr. Zhaoyang from the University of Utah in the United States gave a report named “Model-Based Device Free Localization Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks”. Deputy Dean of ISE, Prof. Wang Hongjun hosted the report. Deputy Dean Prof. Zhang Xingyu, Head of the Department of Communication Engineering Prof. Liuju and other students and faculty of the school listened to the report.

From background of the generation of passive positioning technology in wireless sensor network, Dr Zhao Yang firstly introduced the theory of passive location technology and network topology. Then he introduced the radio tomography positioning technology which they have developed as the world's first model-based passive positioning system in wireless sensor network. Starting with talking about the occasionality for them to conduct the research, Dr. Zhao Yang discussed with present teachers and students the importance of finding problems in scientific research, for only after finding the problem can researchers strive to solve the problem and therefore the whole society could progress. Thereafter Dr. Zhao Yang detailedly introduced two set of passive positioning technologies respectively based on masking and on variance from the perspectives including the background, the practical effect, the experimental platform and the problems faced. Finally Dr. Zhao Yang introduced his latest research results: radio tomography positioning technology based on the distribution of the distance.

After the report, Dr. Zhao Yang patiently answered questions of present teachers and students, and had a cordial conversation with professors, explaining technical questions about of passive positioning system and leaving deep impressions with clear thinking and humorous expression. At last, Dr. Zhao Yang arranged 16 Zigbee wireless nodes within the range of approximately 9 square meters and gave a live demo of the latest research results. The actual positioning effect turned out to be satisfying.

This report has broadened the horizons of the teachers and students of ISE, providing for them with the new trends of passive location system research in wireless sensor network.

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