ISE held Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of 2012

On a.m.2, 21st June, 2012, the ISE Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of 2012 were held in the Science Hall of the Central Campus of SDU. Participants of the ceremony include all the administers and doctoral supervisors of the school, all the graduate and postgraduate students of 2012 as well as some parents. Doctoral supervisors issued degree certificates to the graduates of 2012 and extended their congratulations.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Yuan Dongfeng, Dean of ISE made the commencement speech. After congratulating all the graduates, he expressed four hopes for them. Firstly, he hopes that graduates could get a clear understanding of current situation and set new targets for their lives; secondly, he hopes that they could always remember the education mission of SDU: “Preparing talents for the world; Striving for the prosperity and strength of the country”, and therefore could make their own contribution for the information development of the country with an international horizon. Thirdly, he hopes that graduates could cherish good morality and put equal stress on both integrity and ability in subsequent career. Fourthly, he expects that graduates muster up the innovation in work practice on the basis of being diligent and realistic, for as a sign of the time, information industry requires graduates to practice innovatively in this ever-changing word. At last, Dean Yuan extended good wishes for all the graduates.

Wang Jing, one of the students of Grade 2008 spoke in the ceremony as the representative of the graduates. She firstly extended sincere gratitude and high respect for all the university faculty and parents. Then she shared memorable experiences in the university. At last, she made resolutions of being innovative and responsible in subsequent work and life.

During the ceremony, the Prize-awarding Ceremony of “ProPlus Scholarship of ISE” and “Advanced Individual of Undergraduates in Scientific and Technological Innovation” has been preceded interspersingly.

During the whole ceremony, graduates are spirited and enthusiastic. Although being imbued with the sentiment of farewell, they feel excited about their academic achievements. Best wishes to all of them! Today you are proud of being a part of Shandong University, but tomorrow we hope it would be the other way around!

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