Prof. Pflaum Gave a Report in the School of Information Science and Engineering

Prof. Christoph Pflaum gave a report titled “Advanced Laser Simulation” at 15:00 pm,June 4 in the auditorium on 4th floor,School of Information Science and Engineering. The report was chaired by Prof. Zhuo zhuang. Professors and graduates specialized in laser attended it.
At the beginning of the report, Prof. Christoph Pflaum gave the explanations of the requirements for different laser system and laser with radial polarization. As the designer of the Advanced Software Laser Design (ASLD), he showed the listeners the process of the thermal lensing analysis, the formulas of working out the output power and beam quality with consideration of the aperture, thermal lensing, Gaussian output coupler, mirrors and so on. In the end, he demonstrated the simulation result for 4 Gaussian modes and various applications of ALSD in the simulation of solid laser.
The participants were highly interested by the demonstration of the simulation result of the Advanced Software Laser Design. In the Question and Answer Session, Prof. Christoph Pflaum answered the questions raised by the professors and graduates patiently.
Prof. Christoph Pflaum is from Department Informatik at University Erlangen-Nürnberg and now he is also the director of ASLD GmbH and distinguished consultant for laser design. He was awarded his PhD from the Technical University Munich in 1996, since then he has made many contributions to the development of Laser simulation. His research mainly focuses on the simulation of long laser resonators, he is currently working on new concepts to simulate optical beams in laser resonators by a time dependent Gauss-mode analysis and new FE-dicretizations. He has developed a laser simulation software ASLD. He and his group members also develop new concepts and libraries to provide simulations of thin film solar cells by high performance computing.
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