Professor Christoph Pflaum gave a report in ISE

Professor Christoph Pflaum from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany gave a report named “Advanced Laser Simulation” in the Lecture Hall (fourth floor in ISE). Prof. Zhuo Zhuang hosted the report, and Deputy Dean Prof. Zhang Xingyu, Prof. Zhao Shengzhi and some post graduate students of the school listened to the report.

Prof. Christoph Pflaum firstly introduced in brief various simulation demands of different laser systems and the concept of Axial polarized laser. As the designer of ASLD--- a software of innovative simulation design of solid laser, he then introduced in detail the strong simulation function of ASLD. ASLD can effectively simulate models of pump system and the resonant cavity system as well as the interaction among physical properties in the system such as optics, machinery, heating and electric field. It has the function of analyzing the output power of continuous wavelength and pulse laser and the light beam quality. Moreover, it has the ability to accurately calculate the mechanical, optical and thermal lens effect inside the laser crystal. In addition, he also introduced ASLD’ simulation of pump light source and Q switch and its application in the design of diode pump solid state laser, continuous laser as well as passive/active Q-switched laser. ASLD can be used to analyze the laser stability, beam radius, thermal lens effect, pump light configuration, laser energy and beam quality. After the report, Prof. Christoph Pflaum patiently answered the questions of the teachers and students.

This report has broadened the horizons of teachers and students in ISE and provided for them with better solutions to the study of laser and the simulation of solid state laser.

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